How to Receive Funds


Potential recipients of funding from the Putnam First Cancer Fund must be a resident of Putnam County, Florida AND qualify for at least one of the following:

  • Have no insurance, be under-insured, or be medically needy

  • Be a cancer patient in dire need of basic living essentials to receive emergency financial aid such as help with lodging, groceries, clothing, care related items, transportation, rent, mortgage, utilities, phone, and sitting services

  • Have a financial need (for example, an income level below 200% of federal poverty guidelines). For those applicants above the federal poverty guidelines, the Executive Committee will evaluate the request on a case by case basis

Potential recipients will have to provide photo identification, proof of residency in the county, their W2 or most recent tax return. For those applicants above the federal poverty guidelines, the Executive Committee will evaluate the request on a case by case basis.


To refer someone, download and complete the referral form (Patient Referral Form).


Currently, the Palatka Christian Service Center (Heart of Putnam), located at 2600 Peters Street, Palatka, will allocate funds to qualified recipients. Stop by, call them at 386-328-0984, or visit for more information. A referral in the form of a script, note, phone call, or email should expedite determining that you qualify for assistance.  Note that referring person may be an MD, DO, PA, ARNP,RN, LPN, MSW, physician’s office staff, hospital case workers, employee at the Department of Health, a pastor/priest, volunteers at the South Putnam Christian Service Center, or service organizations such as St. Vincent De Paul, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church (Mother Diane), etc.


Assistance with prescreened physician visit, symptomatic or a last resort for testing

The testing may be for endoscopy, colonoscopy, mammography, PAP and Gynecological biopsies, prostate or skin biopsy, bronchoscopy and US FNA or core biopsies, Stereotactic Breast biopsies or CT guided biopsy.  


Emergency stipend

This stipend will assist with basic living costs such as transportation for treatment, rent, mortgage, utilities, and telephone.