Who We Are…

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Board of Trustees; absent John Gaines, Danny Hemphill, and Joe Pickens

Who We Are…



The Board of Trustees of the Putnam First Cancer Fund are responsible and respected community members. The initial trustees of the corporation are

  • Ben Bates

  • Gary Getcell, Chairman

  • Rev. Karl Flagg

  • John Gaines, MD

  • Ed Hedstrom

  • Danny Hemphill

  • Henry Hirschman

  • JR Newbold III

  • Joe Pickens

  • Shann Purinton

Executive Committee; absent Charlie Douglas



The Putnam First Cancer Fund,  Inc. is managed by the corporate officers who are members of the Executive Committee also composed responsible and respected community members.

  • President, Linda Girardin

  • Vice President, Vernon Myers

  • Secretary, Mary Makie Connor Saucier

  • Treasurer, Ken Mahaffey

  • Charlie Douglas

  • Taylor Douglas

  • Richard Feibelman, MD

  • Mary Garcia

  • Anand Kuruvilla, MD

  • Rep. Bobby Payne

  • David Risch, MD (deceased charter member)

  • Weezie Smith

  • Dianne Taylor

  • Caroline Tingle

  • John Wolfenden, MD

  • Sheila McCoy, ex officio

For 2017, we served 22 individuals with financial assistance although 30 individuals approached us—spending $15,602. For more detailed information, check out the following link Annual report 2017.


During 2015 and 2016, we served a total 36 individuals with financial assistance— spending $31,728. For more detailed information, check out the following link Annual reports 2015 & 2016.

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